Prepare Your Home for Any Bad Weather

Install TruDefintion WeatherGuard shingles in El Paso, TX

Protecting your home begins with top-quality roofing materials. If your shingles tear off during a storm, your home will suffer from water damage. Luckily, TruDefintion WeatherGuard shingles are a great option when you require new roof installation.

Cover your home with proper shingles by hiring HG Contractors, Inc. to handle the job. We'll visit your property, look over your roof and perform the roof replacement you need to be safe from the elements.

Defend your home against the next big El Paso, TX storm. Email us today to get started on installation.

Rely on impact-resistant shingles

TruDefintion WeatherGuard shingles shine above other roofing materials due to their impact resistance. When debris goes flying during a storm, you want shingles that can take a hit and not suffer major damage. With these shingles, your home will be safer than ever before.

Trust your property to shingles with the roofing industry's highest impact resistance classification. Trust your new roof installation to the pros at HG Contractors.